Know us

Smoked Flavours was established in 2013 by Byron Parsons. A keen amateur cook with a love for making curries, he found that the ingredient “liquid smoke”, mentioned in many butter chicken recipes, was not readily available on South African shelves. After further investigation and many, many test batches, he found the right products and started distributing to a few small deli’s in and around Johannesburg.

Since then, the business has grown and is now distributed and used across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mauritius.

One of the main reasons our clients love our products is that it is all natural. It is literally wood smoke that is filtered through water, so we know that anyone who uses our Liquid Smoke products is getting an all-natural flavour.

Liquid Smoke is not a new product: it has been used in the US to flavour and preserve food for more than 120 years. To ensure we provide you with only the best quality Liquid Smoke, Smoked Flavours sources only the very best raw materials from leading producers in the USA and Europe.